Mobile trailer solutions

Durable products 
– flexible interior design

For many years, we have built mobile trailer solutions for several different customers around the world. The mobile solutions are built either as mobile trailers with a tractor in front or as containers that can be transported by truck.

Several of our mobile trailer solutions – HMK Expandable – have extensions on one or both sides that can be expanded pushing one or more extensions out from the sides.  This gives a larger floor area in the trailer. The trailer is fitted with windows and doors making the room bright and inviting.

The mobile trailer solutions are built in 63 mm glass fiber reinforced polyester panels, which form the outer and inner cladding. They are manufactured according to the sandwich principle achieving great strength and flexibility in the construction.

Each unit is equipped with electricity, computer systems, heating, air conditioning, furniture, toilet facilities, and generator.

We offer various trailer solutions such as:

  • Expandable S trailer
  • Expandable M trailer
  • Expandable M trailer with balcony
  • Expandable M trailer with 3 pods
  • Expandable XL trailer
  • Megaspace S trailer
  • Mobile hospital
  • Mobile blood donor unit
  • Mammography screening unit
  • Mobile screening clinic

Our have large experience in building mobile solutions and our trailers are among the best on the market due to continuous development, the use of competitive lightweight materials and the latest technology.

Each individual trailer is built in close cooperation and dialogue with the customer, and it is possible to have the trailer equipped according to your wishes.

Over the years, we have supplied mobile trailer solutions to a number of large event companies, for educational use and for healthcare.

We have made mobile schools, clinics, classrooms, hospitals, and show trailers for customers primarily in Scandinavia and the Middle East.