Off-road fuel truck


Our off-road fuel truck is built for the Defence with an aluminum tank intended for the transport of fuels such as diesel, petrol, F34 and Jet A1 fuel. The fuel tanker is extremely suitable for driving in difficult terrain, as it is mounted on a reinforced and very flexible MAN HX77 off-road chassis with 8 axles with traction on all 8 wheels.

The fuel truck is approved according to the rules in ADR to ensure that fuels can be transported and delivered safely to the Defence’s many vehicles and aircrafts. The tank holds 17,400 litres in 3 compartments. Surge plates have been made both transversely and lengthwise in the tank to ensure a very high stability, so that the tanker does not tip over when driving in difficult conditions.

In the development phase of the fuel truck, manoeuvrability, and user-friendliness are a high priority to make it is easy to drive and ensure that unloading and loading fuel can take place easily and quickly.

If necessary, the off-road fuel truck can be produced with ballistic protection with lightweight armor in e.g., fibre composite.

We are able to manufacture and supply our products to the defence in accordance with the current procurement standards, NATO STANAG requirements and MIL standards.


Reinforced chassis adapted for off-road driving
Traction on all 8 wheels
ADR approved tanker
High quality
Great ease of use
Maximized tank volume
Great manoeuvrability


Technical data

Example of construction
Tank: Terrængående tankbil
Tank capacity: 17,400 ltr.
Length: 10,300 mm
Heigth: 3,200 mm
Width: 2,550 mm
Total weight: 32,000 kg