Expandable M trailer


The Expandable M trailer is a flexible and spacious trailer that can be set up anywhere. It has two expandable modules, which gives a total floor area of 63 m² . The two expandable modules each provide 1.85 m of extra space in width, and they are 7-8 mtr. in length when expanded.

We have built several Expandable M trailers for different customers. eg. The Capital Region of Denmark’s emergency services. They are using their Expandable trailers for larger events and for emergency situations. For them the trailers are perfect in crisis situations that requires quick response and solving tasks that arise suddenly and take place over a shorter period of time.

Our Expandable M trailer is user-optimized, and we design the interior in collaboration with you, so that it fits your needs and wishes perfectly. The trailer is built in 63 mm fiberglass-reinforced polyester panels, as it is durable and insulated against cold and heat. We provide a 3-year guarantee on the construction.

In addition to fairs and events, the Expandable M trailer is also suitable as mobile training and education facilities, shooting simulation trailer, command center and for emergency tasks.


High quality
Rapid deployment
Delivery on time
Flexible interior design
Long lifespan
Up to 3 years warranty

Technical data

Example of construction
Type: Expandable M
Length: 13.60 m
Height: 4.00 m
Width: 6.25 m
Total floor area: Up to 63 m²
Net weight: 12-22,000 kg