Megaspace S trailer


A Megaspace S trailer can be used for many different purposes eg. as an exhibition trailer, event trailer, sales van, teaching or meeting room.

If you need to get in direct contact with your customers out at their venue, then a Megaspace S trailer is perfect for the task, as it can be set up anywhere.

The Megaspace S trailer is built with a long extension on both sides of 11 m. This gives the trailer extra square meters – a total of 56 m². The extension can be built with a glass facade to make the trailer extra bright and inviting.

The trailer can be decorated with foil as desired with e.g. product images, logos, text, etc. It is equipped with air conditioning, underfloor heating, generator, toilet, kitchen, and network. 


High quality
Rapid deployment
Delivery on time
Flexible interior design
Long lifespan
Up to 3 years warranty
Perfect for exhibitions and events

Technical data

Example of construction
Type: Megaspace S
Length: 13.60 m
Height: 4.00 m
Width: 6.25 m
Total floor area Up to 74 m²
Net weight: 20,000 kg