Fuel tank transferral


Fuel tank transferral from an old to new chassis is a good alternative to buying a new fuel tank truck.

The tank has a much longer life than the chassis and can therefore be reused on a new chassis with the equipment mounted on the tank.

We have extensive experience in making transfers over the years, and since our tanks are of high quality with a long lifespan, reusing the tank can in many cases pay off.

The production time for a fuel tank transferral is much shorter than building a new fuel tank truck. Thus, it saves you time and costs if you choose to have your used tank transferred.

Before we start a fuel tank transferral, we review your current equipment to clarify whether you want to continue with your current equipment, or whether you want to upgrade e.g. hoses, pumps and control system.

If we come across components that should be replaced when we have started the task, we will contact you for a more detailed dialogue about this.


Life extension of the tank
Reuse of intact parts
Stable operation
Good operating economy
Long durability

Gas tank transferral

Technical data


Example of transferral
Tank: Fuel tank
Tank volume: 24,000 ltr.
Chassis: Scania 500G
Height: 3,350 mm
Length: 9,565 mm
Width: 2,550 mm
Net weigth: 32,000 kg