About us

Our history

HMK Bilcon was founded in 1895. Today we manufacture a wide selection of tankers for the delivery of fuel to the civilian market, tankers and tank containers for the defense, mobile expandable trailers for the health sector and for educational use and events.

Our products have a long lifespan and we only produce long-lasting products of the highest quality.

We have a good dialogue with our customers regarding the clarification of needs, and therefore the products are optimized for the customers’ use.

Over 125 years of knowledge
In 1895, Søren Jensen opened a blacksmith’s workshop in Hjørring, specializing in the production of horse-drawn carriages. This was  a great success until 1950, when time gradually ran out for horse-drawn vehicles. Therefore, the company started building chassis frames for cars instead. Søren Jensen’s family took over the company in 1967.

HMK Industri
Søren Jensen’s company was called Hjørring Maskin- og Karosseriværksted until 1963, after which it changed its name to HMK Industri. Here the company began to construct wagon frames, box bodies, tank vehicles, moving and transport boxes and other customized units.

HMK Bilcon
In 1955 Scandia Randers started manufacturing tankers for the transport of fuel and gas in Randers. HMK Bilcon saw the light of day and in 1965 began to develop and design aluminum tanks. The production was moved to Aalborg in 1981 and in 1983 acquired by Mørch & Sønner, who founded Ascan Bilcon A/S.

The first of a series of certifications
In 1995, HMK Industri became ISO 9001 certified and five years later, HMK Bilcon merged with HMK Industri. In 2010, the production facilities were combined in a joint headquarter in Gistrup at the company’s current address.

In 2017, the company was acquired after a bankruptcy by the current owners who changesd its legal name to HMK Bilcon 2017 A/S. In February 2020, the rights to the name HMK Bilcon A/S weew acquired after the old bankruptcy estate was finally completed.

ISO 14001 and DIN 2303
In 2020, HMK Bilcon received the environmental certification ISO 14001 and in 2022 the company obtained a DIN 2303 Q2 BK1 certification and can now weld in all types of steel.

Welding robots
The first small welding robot from DanRobotics – a Kuka R1420 – was acquired and installed in 2022, and another robot is on the way in 2024.

Dansk Ejerkapital
In 2024, Dansk Ejerkapital has acquired a minority stake in HMK Bilcon. This is a new collaboration intended to contribute to realizing the future growth plans of HMK Bilcon.

Mission, vision,
and values

Our goal is to ensure that our customers are always the most efficient and greenest in their industry.

” We will be the preferred supplier of fuel tank solutions, special vehicles for defense and mobile Expandable solutions in Scandinavia ”.


  • We take care of ourselves and the environment around us
  • We know we exist for the benefit of the customer
  • We are positive and proactive
  • We will continue to develop and we recognize that we can always improve
  • We spend money with care

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