Fuel container


Our fuel container is intended for transport and storage of fuels used for land vehicles. The container is used as a storage container for storing extra fuel, which can be sucked into a stand-alone fuel container.

The fuel container is a standard 20-foot container approved for transport according to IDMG and ADR regulations. It can be made of steel, stainless steel or aluminum. Pump and meter are not mounted on the container, as it is only used as a storage container.

The frame is made of steel and can be moved with a crane, hook, or top lift. It is CSC approved and can be transported by truck, train, ship, and plane.

The fuel tank container can be used as part of a larger tank farm, where several containers are connected with e.g., a camp tank which acts as a gas station for refueling the various vehicles of the defence.

If a fuel container is needed for delivery with a pump and meter, our stand-alone fuel container is suitable for the task.

We are able to manufacture and supply our products to the defence in accordance with the current procurement standards, NATO STANAG requirements and MIL standards.


Large capacity
High quality
Long life
ADR/CSC approved
-46° C to + 49° C

Technical data

Example of construction
Tank: Standard ISO 20″
Tank capacity: 24,000 ltr.
Approval: ADR/CSC
Length: 6,060 mm
Heigth: 2,590 mm
Width: 2,440 mm
Total weight empty: 5,100 kg