SafeCon® III

SafeCon® III
The world’s best fuel delivery control system

SafeCon® III has been developed and adapted to the requirements of the future for fast and efficient fuel delivery. The fuel delivery control system is built with well-known and reliable components. We have ensured that the system has the best elements from previous SafeCon® systems. At the same time, we also introduce new modern and future-proof functions.

Complete overview and flexibility
SafeCon® III has a completely new user interface that is simple and easy to use. You have a constant overview of products, remaining quantity, and hoses, and at the same time you can control other functions such as the work light on your fuel tanker. All you need to do to start a delivery is to select a hose, a compartment, and approve the set-up.

In addition, SafeCon® III provides even greater flexibility as it can be customised and set up to meet your needs. The system contains several functions that you can choose from, making your workday become as efficient as possible.


If you want to make your workday even more efficient, connect your fuel tanker to your office with our new SafeCon® OTC-system installed with SafeCon® III . The OTC-system delivers order data to the fuel tanker and sends billing data back to the office. It optimizes the working day for both you as a driver and the office staff.

With a SafeCon® OTC-system orders can be handled on a tablet in the cab or from the SafeCon® III on the fuel tanker. It allows the driver to sort the orders in the order in which they are to be delivered.

Once the tanker has delivered the product, the order is sent back to the office, which handles the invoicing. All data is sent over a secure closed network.

We also have the option to integrate from SafeCon® III to other OTC-systems such as e.g. DCC Energy’s.

SafeCon® III

SafeCon app

When you order SafeCon® III for your fuel tanker, it is possible to choose between our regular remote control and our app as a remote control.

If you choose our SafeCon® III app, you get a simpler and more intuitive solution for operating the tanker. With the app you can:

  • use button functions such as start/stop, pressure, hose reeling
  • display delivered volume, product, flow, preset and selected room
  • operate the light on the fuel tanker

The app requires a little extra hardware on your fuel tanker, and we deliver a smartphone with the app.

24/7 support with a

With SafeCon® III you can get support for you fuel delivery control system when you need it. We have our own service department, which can give you online support 24 hours a day. Therefore, we guarantee 99% uptime on your fuel tanker and your fuel delivery control system.

With our SafeCon® III support, your service subscription guarantees you support regardless of the time of day. We are ready to help you 24/7.

Our subscription also gives you the latest features with software updates and maintenance, just as SIM cards and Secure data are included.

Contact our sales department to know more.


One point of contact for fuel tanker and delivery system
Greater operational reliability
Continuous updating of software
Optimized and efficient working day
Minimizing errors in orders
Digitized workflow with minimal paperwork
Time saving for office and driver
Future-proof operation
24/7/365 remote support with service subscription

SafeCon® I  
is discontinued

Our old control system SafeCon® I has been discontinued from our range. From now on we will install SafeCon® III on our newly built fuel tankers. However, it will be possible to order spare parts for SafeCon® I while stocks last.