City trailers


For many years we have produced city trailers for the Danish market for transporting diesel and heating oil.

We have launched a new generation of this City Trailer, where we have redesigned and optimized the product so that it is possible to more load with one drive. The idea of our city trailers has been slightly extended, so there is now room for 37,000 liters in the tank against previous 25,000 liters.

Our city trailers come with 2 forced -controlled shafts with VSE operating system, and the connection between signal and control box is now delivered electrically instead of previous Tridex control system, where this signal was hydraulic. Therefore, the accessibility for which the 1st shaft tankcity trailer was known. This means, therefore, that the city trailer can be used in narrow urban areas where it can be difficult to arrive as the trailer control is excellent.

The tank can be divided into up to 7 rooms, but we offer a smaller number of rooms if desired. The tank comes with equipment for pumping supplies, with mid approved meter system, and 2 hose drums in the rear.


Stable operation
Extra good accessibility
Good operating economy
Long shelf life
Higher resale value


Technical data


Example of construction
Chassis: 2 axles
Tank volume: 37,000 ltr.
Compartments: 7
Height: 3,190 mm
Length: 11,000 mm
Width: 2,550 mm
Net weight: 6,250 kg