Expandable M trailer balcony


Our Expandable M trailer balcony is a large and spacious trailer that can be transported and set up anywhere where an ordinary truck can be parked. It has two extendable modules – one on each side – as well as a balcony on the roof, which gives a total floor area of 97 m² .

When the sides are expanded, you get a large nice room, which can be used as an exhibition trailer and for roadshows.

The trailer is built in 63 mm fiberglass-reinforced polyester panels, which form exterior and interior cladding made according to the sandwich principle to achieve great strength and flexibility.

The trailer has a long life and it is insulated to ensure a comfortable indoor climate regardless of outdoor weather conditions.

A HMK Expandable is equipped with air conditioning, underfloor heating, network and can be equipped with eg kitchen, toilet, storage room and much more. It can stand alone without a tractor and still works with electricity, water and heat via a generator.


High quality
Rapid deployment
Delivery on time
Flexible interior design
Long lifespan
Up to 3 years warranty
Perfect for events and branding


Technical data


Example of construction
Type: Expandable M balcony
Length: 13.60 m
Height: 4.00 m
Width: 6.25 m
Total floor area: Up to 97 m²
Net weight: 15,000 kg