Mobile screening clinic


A mobile screening clinic works as a doctor’s or hospital clinic, where health personnel can reach out to citizens in fringe areas where there are no hospitals nearby. The mobile screening clinic can easily be transported around the country, where there is a need to test or vaccinate people, e.g. in connection with Corona virus (COVID-19) or influenza.

Each individual clinic can be designed entirely according to the users’ wishes and specially built for the purpose for which it is to be used. The clinic is equipped with the necessary test ing equipment making it possible to work at the same level as in a hospital.

The working conditions for the staff are optimized, as there is plenty of space in the clinic, which is insulated and equipped with underfloor heating and air conditioning.

The screening clinic can be built with a floor area from 45 m² to 67 m² depending on need. The design of the clinic is prepared in collaboration with the healthcare staff to suit their wishes.


Flexible interior design
Easy to transport
Set up in 20 minuts by one person
Quick to deploy in new areas

Mobile screening clinic 1

Technical data

Example of construction
Type: Mobile screening clinic
Length: 13.60 m
Height: 4.00 m
Width: 2.55 m
Total floor area 34 
Net weight: From 9,000 kg