Tanker truck

Optimized tanks for 
the transport industry

We offer tanker truck solutions optimized for transport of oil and gasoline, chemicals, foodstuf, bitumen, and other liquids. Our tanker trucks are built in aluminum because it allows you to transport the maximum amount of product within the applicable regulations.

With us, you can get a tanker truck optimized for your needs. We place great emphasis on ensuring that our tanker truck solutions are user-friendly, safe, and compliant with current regulations in the field. This means that HMK Bilcon’s aluminum fuel tanker trucks are approved for the LGBF fuel type according to ADR regulations.

HMK Bilcon constructs aluminum tanker trucks for various purposes in different dimensions and sizes. Among our tanker truck solutions, you’ll find rigid tanker trucks, drawbar fuel trailers, tank semi-trailers, city trailers, and refuellers.

We build aluminum tanks on 2-, 3-, and 4-axle chassis from the most commonly used manufacturers such as Volvo, Scania, MAN, Mercedes, and DAF.

User-friendly products save our customers money. Therefore, we have developed the fuel delivery control system SafeCon® III, our own electronic control system that simplifies operation, minimizes the risk of misuse, and enhances operational safety for drivers.

Our tanks are exceptionally durable, meaning they have a longer lifespan than the chassis. Therefore, we also offer the option to transfer your used tank onto a new chassis. This saves you time and costs.

Below, you can read more about the various tanker truck solutions we specialize in.

Our factory encompasses most processes in the production of tank constructions, including our own paint department. Hence, we can control the quality of our products in-house.

With over 50 years of solid experience in aluminum constructions, we place great importance on ensuring that this expertise benefits our customers.

Our mission is to be your first choice and leading partner and supplier of all kinds of aluminum tanker truck solutions for the transportation of oil and gasoline and other liquids.