Mammography screening unit


Our mammography screening unit is built like an ordinary mammography clinic in a hospital. It is 34 m² and can be delivered with or without fixtures and medical equipment as desired. It has air conditioning and floor heating making it comfortable for both staff and patients to stay in all year round, regardless of the weather.

The mammography screening unit can be equipped with the rooms needed, such as toilet, changing room, examination room, and waiting area. The walls in the mammography room are secured with shielding from X-rays in accordance with current requirements.

One of the advantages of a mobile mammography unit is that it can be set up anywhere. This means that you can use it in outlying areas where it is far from a hospital and still provide a good service for the citizens.


Easy to transport
Can be set up in 20 min. by one person
Local mammography screening close to the patients
Optimized to screen 12 persons an hour

Mammography screening unit

Technical data

Example of construction
Type Mammography screening unit
Lenght: 13.60 m
Heigth: 4.00 m
Width: 2.55 m
Total floor area: 34
Net weight: 12,000 kg