Rigid tanker trucks


Rigid tanker trucks from HMK Bilcon are built in several different sizes depending on your needs as a haulier.

Our rigid tanker trucks are constructed in aluminum and are weight-optimized, therefore weighing less than other tank trucks in the market. This means larger quantities of product can be transported in the tank, reducing the number of necessary trips. This results in savings and better long-term operational economy.

Our tanks are built on chassis from Scania, Volvo, Mercedes, MAN, and DAF, which are ADR-approved for driving with LGBF fuel. The tanker trucks can be built on 2-, 3-, and 4-axle chassis depending on the requirements.

Purchasing a rigid tanker truck from HMK Bilcon is a long-term investment, as we construct high-quality tanker trucks. We select the best materials and components for your tank truck, ensuring stable operation and thereby the best solution.

When producing new rigid tanker trucks, they are equipped with our latest fuel delivery control system, SafeCon® III. With the SafeCon® III system, fuel delivery becomes fast and efficient. The driver has a good overview of products, remaining quantities, and hoses. It’s possible to connect SafeCon® III to our SafeCon® OTC system, allowing order and billing data exchange between the tanker truck and the office. Orders can be managed with the SafeCon® OTC system on a tablet in the truck’s cab or on the external screen.

The tank on your tanker truck typically has a longer lifespan than the chassis. Therefore, we can extend the lifespan of your tank by transferring it to a new chassis. This is economically beneficial as it saves both time and money compared to building a new tank. If you wish to sell the tank later, tanks produced by HMK Bilcon generally have a higher resale value in the market.

We are experts with over 50 years of experience, ensuring you a long-lasting solution.


Stable operations
Good operational economi
Long durability
Higher resale value
Efficient and safe delivery of fuel


Technical data

Exampel of construction
Chassis: 3-axled Scania
Tank volume net: 20,000 ltr.
Compartments: 4 pcs.
Fuel delivery system: SafeCon® III
Height: 3,410 mm
Length: 8,520 mm
Width: 2,550 mm
Net weight: 11,880 kg