Tank semi-trailers


HMK Bilcon is the Scandinavian distributor of tank semi-trailers from German Schrader T+A Fahrzeugbau.

Tank semi-trailers from Schrader T+A Fahrzeugbau are standardized semi-trailers of good quality at a competitive price.

The semi-trailers are made of standardized modules and standard components with the possibility of choosing from one to eight compartments. The tanks are built in aluminum and are made in the patented cylinder profile UNITAS 2000, which provides the lowest possible center of gravity and good towing conditions for the tractor.

Schrader’s tank semi-trailers are supplied with self-supporting aluminum chassis with two, three or four axles. They hold up to 56,000 l and can be supplied with free-fall delivery or pump delivery and hose reel. The semi-trailers can be built with one to eight compartments as desired.


Good quality at a competitive price
Large tank volume
Standardized design
Good driving characteristics
Low weight
Short delivery time

Tank semi-trailer

Technical data

Example of construction
Tank: Schrader
Tank volume: 56,000 ltr.
Compartments: 8 pcs.
Height: 3,400 mm
Length: 13,990 mm
Width: 2,550 mm
Net weight: 7,960 kg