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Quality that
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Flexibility you 
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HMK Bilcon produces defense solutions, tanker truck solutions, and mobile solutions of the highest quality primarily for the Scandinavian market. Our products meet the high demands made by our customers in relation to performance, durability and ease of use.

We have many years of experience and solid expertise in the construction of tankers and containers for the armed forces, fuel tankers and trailers for the oil companies as well as mobile trailer solutions for the defences, healthcare system, and for road shows and events.

We understand the unique challenges our customers face and our experience enables us to deliver the solutions that precisely fit their needs.

3. July 2024

SafeCon® III integration for Knowtronic

We are ready with an integration from SafeCon® III to the OTC system Knowtronic Bering. The OTC system is used by many companies for order handling and invoicing when dispensing fuel. With the Sa...

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3. July 2024

Opening hours summer 2024

We wish all our customers and business partners a great summer. Our production and administration is closed in week 29 and 30. The spare parts department is closed in 29, 30 and 31. Our service cente...

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  • Eagle IV front hoods

    In 2006, the Danish Defence signed a contract with GDELS MOWAG for 90 pcs. EAGLE IV vehicles. In the same year, GDELS MOWAG, HMK Bilcon and the Danish Enterprise and Construction Agency (DECA) signed an industrial cooperation agreement (ICC) on continued production of front hoods and cargo modules for the EAGLE IVs. After the delivery of the fi...

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  • Off-road tanker for the Danish Defence

    In 2006, MAN Commercial Vehicles and HMK Bilcon developed a prototype of the off-road tanker MAN HX77 for the Danish Defence. The HX77 truck from MAN is designed for particularly challenging terrain. Therefore, there was a need to develop a tank solution that was extremely robust, without compromising HMK Bilcon's famous lightweight design. The of...

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  • Large blood donor unit for Helse Stavanger

    The construction of a 56m² mobile blood donor unit for Helse Stavanger has been completed, and the blood donor unit is planned to be in operation in autumn 2022. The mobile unit will be as good as a blood donor room inside the hospital and will be able to offer the same good conditions for both blood donors and employees. The blood bank comes ...

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  • Mobile emergency clinic a great success

    HMK Bilcon has made two mobile trailers for the Capital Region of Denmark's Emergency Medical Services. The mobile trailers are used to solve various healthcare tasks in the region and can be used in particularly acute situations and at major events. As a pilot project, one trailer has been used as an emergency clinic at Rådhuspladsen in Copenhag...

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  • Central Denmark Region

    Mobile Blood - Annie’s project of heart. The story of the mobile blood donor unit started in 2004, when the regional hospital in Viborg, Denmark realised that a local stationary blood centre was about to close. To boost the amount of collected blood, the hospital drew up specifications for a mobile blood unit. The best solution for our needs ...

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  • CHH Transport A/S

    CHH Transport A/S is a Danish-owned transport company founded by Claus Hedegaard Hansen in 1997. The company has twenty-two employees, and they operate within oil transport, general cargo delivery, machine and special transport, transport of gravel and stone, container service, crane tasks etc. The drivers are very experienced, kept up to date wit...

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  • Eliassons Åkeri AB

    Eliassons Åkeri is a well-established Swedish transport company with 90 employees. The family business has been engaged in tank transports since the 1950s and today runs a modern transport company with a focus on both the environment, digitization, and optimized vehicles. The head office is in Kristianstad in southern Sweden and from here fuel, c...

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  • Mollerup Mølle A/S

    Mollerup Mølle is a Danish-owned family business that produces and delivers animal feed to the entire agricultural sector and among other things oil products and fertilizers. The company is based in Mors and serves customers from Holstebro/Randers to Skagen. Mollerup Mølle is the first customer in Denmark to have both SafeCon® III and the Sa...

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  • Transportens Udviklingsfond

    After visiting more than 40,000 students from over 600 schools, Transportens Udvilingsfond has got a brand new roadshow trailer. For the next 4 years, it will visit primary, secondary and vocational schools to recruit young people for the warehouse and transport industry. Transportens Udviklingsfond is owned by the employers' union ATL and the ...

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  • Rema 1000 Norway

    HMK Bilcon has delivered a specially designed mobile restaurant to Rema 1000 in Norway. The structure of the trailer is identical with the HMK Bilcon Expandable XL trailer, but one side can be opened with an extension module and a top extension module. Premiere during the Norway Cup Rema 1000 is the general sponsor of the Norway Cup in Oslo,...

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  • Berg Transport AS

    With 907,000 km on the road, the old gas tanker has done well for Berg Transport in Northern Norway. It was time to transfer the tank to a new chassis and at the same time have the tank on the hanger refurbished. The choice fell on HMK Bilcon because of many years of good cooperation. Berg Transport AS was founded in 1998 with origins in the com...

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