Stand-alone fuel container


Our stand-alone fuel container is used for refueling defence equipment in the field. The fuel container can be built with different delivery modules, depending on whether it is aircraft, helicopters and land vehicles that need to be refuelled.

It has its own generator and drive unit for operating the liquid pump as well as air and power supply but can otherwise be adapted to desired specifications. The fuel container can be used in virtually all types of climates, as it is suitable for use from -46° C to + 49° C.

The stand-alone fuel container can be placed anywhere a truck can go and can be operated without connection to other equipment. It is a standard 20-foot container which has a bottom frame equipped with crane and fork pockets.

The bottom frame is made of steel, while the container is made of aluminum. The container is available with and without top frame and if it is mounted with a top frame, it can be handled like an ordinary container.

The container is ADR approved for transport of fuel, and if it is mounted with an approved CSC frame, it can be transported internationally.

We are able to manufacture and supply our products to the defence in accordance with the current procurement standards, NATO STANAG requirements and MIL standards.


High quality
Flexible delivery
Easy transport
ADR/CSC approved
-46° C to + 49° C


Technical data

Example of construction
Tank: Standard ISO 20″
Tank capacity: 10,500 ltr.
Approval: ADR/CSC
Length: 6,060 mm
Height: 2,590 mm
Width: 2,440 mm
Total weight empty: 6,260 kg