Refueller defence


Our refueller for the defence are optimized for fast and efficient refueling of defence aircrafts at airports and in defence areas. The tank is made of aluminum and therefore has a low weight making it possible to transport more fuel per trip. It holds up to 24,000 liters, which can be divided into several compartments if desired.

The refueller is built with a double pipe system – one on each side – so it is possible to refuel a single aircraft or two aircrafts at a time.

Based on our many years of experience with the delivery of products for the defence, we have designed the refueler to meet the requirements for transporting fuel in relation to user-friendliness, volume, and manoeuvrability.

Of course, our refueller complies with current ADR legislation and directives, and we have a strong focus on quality and only use components of the highest quality, which ensures a stable and reliable refueller.

Our refueller has a long service life, and we still maintain equipment delivered to the Danish defence produced in 1989.

We are able to manufacture and supply our products to the defence in accordance with the current procurement standards, NATO STANAG requirements and MIL standards.


High quality
Optimized for defence equipment
Great ease of use
Maximized tank volume
Great maneuverability
Fast refueling of aircrafts
Long life


Technical data

Example of construction:
Tank: Refueller defence
Tank capacity: 24,000 ltr.
Length: 10,300 mm
Height: 3,200 mm
Width: 2,550 mm
Total weight: 26,000 kg