Service and spare parts

Specialists in service and repairs 
of ADR fuel tankers and special vehicles

Quick maintenance

At HMK Bilcon we know our products and are quicker to maintain them.


Our mechanics and technicians are experienced and highly educated specialists.


We know the legislation in our field and can document repairs on your product if necessary.


24-hour service

Our service staff respond around the clock and are never more than a phone call away.

Service partners

Our service center is located in Aalborg and our service partners in Fredericia and Ishøj.

Spareparts in stock

We have a large inventory of spareparts to ensure that you get back on the road asap.

Scully components

We are the distributor of Scully components for fuel tankers in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Faroe Islands, and Greenland. Scully Systems make high-quality products for the oil industry.

Secu-Tech components

We are a distributor of Secu-Tech components  for the oil transport industry. You can order remote controls, LCR 3 overfill protection, crossfill prevention from us.

Service centers

HMK Bilcon A/S
Hadsundvej 295, 9260 Gistrup
Phone no. +45 20 12 80 11
Service manager: Jeppe Thomsen

Weekdays: 07.00-15.00
Weekdays: 15.00-07.00 – on call staff
Weekend: on call staff

Scania Fredericia
Røde Banke 116, 7000 Fredericia
Phone no. +45 72 15 85 10
Contact person: Martin Andersen

Weekdays: 07.00-15.00
Weekend: Closed

Scania Ishøj
Industribuen 19, 2635 Ishøj
Phone no. +45 41 37 73 66
Contact person: Tim Christensen/Frank Lützhøft

Weekdays: 07.00-15.00
Weekend: Closed

Spare parts

In order for us to process your order for spare parts as best and as quickly as possible, you must send an e-mail to

Ordering by email, we have the best control with item numbers, traceability and documentation of your order. If possible, please write requisition number or name of your order.

If you do not have our item numbers on the spare parts, please send your order with a photo of the required spare parts together with a build number of the car.

Stock items ordered before 11.00 will be dispatched the same day.

Support which is not in connection with a spare part orders will be invoiced per one started hour.

Monday – Thursday: 07.30 – 14.30
Friday: 07.30 – 14.00

Telephone: +45 40 30 84 88 / +45 42 13 76 82

On call staff

Service manager Jeppe Thomsen

Fuel tankers and other vehicles
Phone no. +45 20 12 80 11