Defence solutions

Quality products for
more than 40 years

We have over 40 years of experience in producing defence solutions – vehicles and fuel equipment – and we are experts in building those products.

Our products are primarily made of aluminium, and the products have a very long shelf life, as we only use quality materials and well-tested components.

We can meet the high demands placed on defence equipment in terms of ease of use, maneuverability, and durability.

We have produced many different defence solutions for the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian defences e.g.

  • off-road fuel tankers,
  • refuellers for aircraft and helicopters,
  • fuel containers,
  • water containers,
  • expandable containers for defense equipment and personnel.

In addition to the various types of vehicles and containers, we manufacture other products as subcontractor work for the defence industry.

We have:

  • delivered front helmets and cargo modules for Eagle 4 vehicles,
  • made fuel tanks, hatches, semi-finished products and life extension of Piranja vehicles,
  • painted, mounted belts and test driven the armored personnel carrier M113.

Our many different solutions are among the best on the market, as we continuously develop our products. We use competitive lightweight materials and the latest technology.

Alongside the production and development of defence products, we specialize in maintaining defence equipment making sure that the equipment works.

We do service and maintenance on e.g. water containers, fuel containers and off-road tankers, etc. Many of the products have been in operation for more than 30 years.

In 2022, we have been approved for a large ICC project together with ADMG and a large international defence group certifying our employees in the welding certification DIN 2303 Q2BK1.

In this connection, we have invested in a smaller welding robot and in 2024 we will install a large welding robot which can weld cut parts in high quality.