Expandable S trailer


Our Expandable S trailer is a spacious trailer of about 50 m², which can be customized for many different tasks. The trailer is typically equipped with two expandable sections, which slide out during setup and provide 1.1 m of extra space on each side. It is built in fiberglass-reinforced polyester panels, which are insulating and extra durable.

The Expandable S trailer can be used for many different purposes and is designed specifically according to customer requirements. We have built mobile trailers as mobile classrooms for VUC Nordjylland and VUC Sønderjylland, and for the Danish Defense we have made several mobile training facilities that can be transported around to the various defence areas.

We build all our trailers in close collaboration with the customer to meet all customer requirements. After the project starts, we have regular follow-up meetings to make sure that the project is on track. Upon delivery of the finished trailer, users are given a thorough instruction in the use of the trailer to ensure a smooth setup from the beginning.

The Expandable S trailer is also suitable as mobile training and education facilities, shooting simulation trailer, command center and for emergency tasks.


High quality
Fast setup
Delivery on time
Flexible interior design
Long lifespan
Up to 3 years warranty

Technical data


Example of construction:
Type: Expandable S
Length: 13.60 m
Height 4.00 m
Width: 4.55 m
Total floor area: Up to 52 m²
Net weight: 12-22,000 kg