1 Feb, 2024

DDAC 2024

We are participating in this year’s defense conference DDAC 2024, which will be held at Industriens Hus in Copenhagen on 7 and 8 February. This year there is a special focus on Denmark’s relationship and contribution to NATO and Europe’s security. The conference is for the defense procurement departments and the Danish defense industry as well as a number of foreign companies, and more than 300 guests participate.

We deliver defense solutions of the highest quality with a focus on long durability and ease of use. We have supplied many different products to the Nordic defences, including fuel tankers and drawbar fuel trailers, off-road tankers, refuelers for aircraft and helicopters, fuel containers, water tank containers, mobile training trailers, and small trailers for equipment.

We have been DIN2303 certified in 2022, and are now able to weld in steel according to the German defence standards.