Distribution agency

27 Sep, 2017

Distribution agreement with sales agency in the Middle East

In August, we entered a distribution agreement with a sales agency, which in the future will sell a wide range of our quality products to a number of countries in the Middle East. We have high expectations for the agreement, as the agency has over 40 years of experience in sales to the shipping and transport industry in the area.

Through HMK Bilcon’s history, we have previously sold a wide range of products to customers in the Middle East within the Multispace range. Multispace devices are mobile expandable trailers, which can be easily transported and set up where needed. We have delivered seven mobile hospital units, which together form a fully functional 426m² hospital with all necessary equipment, and mobile offices with expandable sections used for headquarters in crisis areas. The units are prepared for off-road driving and supplied with air conditioning, generator, computer network and toilet and bathroom facilities. In addition, we have also previously made customised solutions for the princes of Saudi Arabia.

“We are already well under way with the process of cooperation and expect to receive the first orders in the beginning of 2018,” says CEO Peter Jensby”.