31 Mar, 2022

Good economy in investing

With rising fuel prices, fuel economy can suddenly become an important parameter in your daily operating costs. Although the monthly costs right now are low, it can suddenly turn around as all equipment has a limited lifespan. Extending the service life too long can result in major repairs on the chassis from deciding to buy new equipment until it can be delivered.

We have heard about repairs of 13,000 -25,000 Euro during the last 12 months of the chassis’ life.

Acquiring more economical chassis for semi-trailers or tank constructions can quickly pay off, as more chassis suppliers are now making more economical engines. 2-3 km longer per liter has a big impact on your transport company’s operating costs in one or six years.

So even if your tank equipment is in operation, it can pay-off to invest in a new tank construction or a tank transfer if the age of the tank is below approx. 12 years. Although prices to produce new units are currently rising due to increases in gas, heat, and electricity costs as well as materials from our subcontractors, the products still have a very long lifespan and the investment can quickly pay off. Remember that when you look at the fleet, the lifespan of your equipment is usually between 12-20 years.

Though the delivery horizon increases, we are still ready to advise on new fuel tankers or transfers with the latest features.