13 Oct, 2022

Large order for fuel tankers

HMK Bilcon has received a large order for fuel tankers for a Scandinavian defence force, which will be delivered over a longer period.

Over many years the Scandinavian and European defences have underinvested in new quality equipment. Due to the new NATO requirements, we currently see a large demand for quality vehicles from defence customers. Therefore, we have an increasing order intake in all our product areas within Dual Use. This applies, among other things, to tankers for the transport of fuel as well as expandable trailers used for recruitment, training, as mobile clinics, and command centres.

40 years of experience
For 40 years, we have supplied off-road fuel tankers, refuelers for refueling aircraft and helicopters, stand-alone fuel containers and water containers of the highest quality. We therefore have experience in building equipment that meets the high NATO requirements for functionality and durability that the individual countries’ defences require.

Subcontractor for the defence industry
The fuel tankers are part of our core product, and we deliver long-lasting products that work under difficult conditions for many years. In addition, we are a subcontractor on a wide range of tasks for well known manufacturers within the defence industry, and demand in this area is also increasing.

ISO certifications
To ensure our high quality, we are ISO-9001 and 3834-2 certified, and we work with our environment and are also environmentally certified according to ISO-14001.