2 Feb, 2022

New order from Eliassons

Happy and satisfied customers come back, and therefore HMK Bilcon has received another large order for 4 new tankers and trailers for Eliassons Åkeri AB in Kristianstad.

The business is growing at Eliassons Åkeri AB, having won another tender for delivering fuel for petrol stations in Sweden. They need to expand their fleet with new equipment again and have placed another order with HMK Bilcon. Eliassons Åkeri AB has been extremely satisfied with the cooperation and delivery of the 4 new fuel tankers and trailers, which were put into operation in the autumn of 2021.

The 4 vehicles, which will be like the ones previously delivered, each consist of a tanker truck, where the tank is built on a 3-axle Scania R590 V8 chassis of 21,000 ltr. divided into 4 compartments and a trailer of 42,000 ltr. divided into 5 compartments. The trailer is built to hold 45,000 litres if the axle configuration is changed according to the current Swedish legislation, where 65% of the weight of the trailer must be carried on twin-mounted axles.

Together, the 4 fuel tankers and trailers are 23 mtr. long and a Bartec Dipstick measuring system is fitted on the vehicles, which in this version is with a Bartec Tiger pump meter. This makes it possible to deliver through a 2 ”hose to e.g. machine stations and agriculture and the like as well.

“We are very happy about the collaboration with Eliassons Åkeri AB. We are pleased that the development project from 2021 has been extremely successful, as they have now chosen to order another 4 fuel tankers and trailers for their station delivery with us, ”says Key Account Manager Jesper Falkenløve.

“We chose HMK Bilcon as a supplier because we got a very good impression of their service and quality from the first contact. HMK Bilcon has met all the requirements and adjustments and schedules that we have had during the entire process without compromising on quality and reliability, ”adds Tommie Eliasson, Operation and transport manager.

“The test of the first fuel tanker with trailer went really well, beyond all expectations. It worked right away. There were no direct faults and the drivers just drove on. It went well with all four vehicles. They just work. We have not had any faults in any of them. They behave nicely. These are good constructions, and we are very satisfied with the four tankers and trailers that we have bought, ”says Mattias Johansson, Workshop Manager.

The new fuel tankers and trailers will be delivered in the autumn of 2022 and the construction sites have already been booked to ensure that their equipment will be delivered on time before the starting the new contract.

In addition to the new order, Eliassons Åkeri AB have also ordered 4 tank transfers to new chassis and repairs if necessary, at HMK Bilcon.