Privacy policy

1. Introduction
In the following you can read HMK Bilcon A/S ‘(hereafter referred to as “HMK”) policy for processing the personal data you provide as a contact person by a customer, supplier or partner or when you access HMK’s website or sign up for our news services (electronic mail).

When you access HMK’s website or sign up for HMK’s news services, the terms of this privacy policy apply. Furthermore, when you visit the website, HMK’s cookie policy applies. If you are unable to accept the terms below, please do not use HMK’s website or news services.

HMK safeguards your personal information and we are aware of the need for appropriate protection and proper processing of the personal data we receive from you.

HMK is considered a data controller in accordance with the general data protection regulation. Below you will find all the necessary contact information:

HMK Bilcon A/S
CVR. No. 38 38 73 24
Hadsundvej 295
9260 Gistrup
Phone no.: +45 98 32 30 11

2. HMK’s collection of your personal data
HMK’s processing of your personal data meets the applicable requirements at all times, including security requirements arising from the personal data law and the related regulations. HMK regularly reviews the recorded personal data and deletes the information that is no longer relevant to processing. The same applies to personal data that a user wishes to delete and which HMK no longer has any basis for processing.

When you use our website or sign up for our news services, you are required to provide certain personal information. This is necessary in order to use the full functionality of the website and to send you the relevant newsletters. HMK therefore collects and records the personal information you provide on HMK’s website in connection with your use of the website and registration for our news services.

3. What information is collected?
When you visit our website, the following information about you is collected:

1. What pages have you looked at and when – your “electronic print”,
2. which browser you are using and
3. what ip address you have

The above information is obtained by means of cookies, and therefore the current cookie policy, which contains a detailed description of the terms for obtaining, storing, disclosing and deleting the above in-formation, is referred to. You can always find the cookie policy freely available on HMK’s website, and you are also asked to accept our cookie policy when you click on our website.

In order to provide our news services to you, HMK also processes the following personal information about you:
Contact Information:
• Name
• E-mail address

Contact persons
As a contact person for a customer, supplier or other business partner, we process your personal information when you send us e-mails, for example. in connection with our existing contract with the company you are employed with or in connection with the conclusion or termination of a contract with the company you are employed with. We also process your personal information if we market our products to you as a contact person with a potential customer or an existing customer. We process general personal information about you, including
• your name,
• email address,
• phone number,
• your position with the company

4. Purpose of collection and storage period.
HMK collects your contact information in connection with subscribing to our news services in order to complete your registration and provide relevant newsletters and relevant marketing to you.

The personal information is processed for the purpose of sending you electronic mail, including newsletters and other relevant marketing regarding HMK’s product range, promotions, press releases, invitations to events / seminars / fairs, etc. We use your personal information to ensure that you receive the requested material, cf. the nature of the Data Protection Regulation act 6 pc. 1, letter f.

HMK will only store your personal data as long as this is necessary for the purposes set out above. That is, we keep the above personal information as long as you continue to subscribe to HMK’s news services. If you unsubscribe from this service (s), HMK will delete your personal information within 30 days. You can unsubscribe from receiving newsletters at any time. – You will find the link to unsubscribe at the bottom of the newsletters that you have received from us.

5. Disclosure of your personal information
Your personal data will not be disclosed to third parties unless required by applicable law or established by judgment.
In relation to the deletion and disclosure of the personal information you provide in connection with your operation on the website, reference is made to the cookie policy.

6. Using Data Processors
The above personal information is left to the data processors affiliated with HMK. The data processors only process the personal data according to instructions from HMK and thus also only for the specific purposes stated in this policy. In addition, data processors are subject to the same obligation to protect personal data as HMK itself.

7. Security of your personal information
HMK treats all personal data confidentially, and we have taken a number of technical and organizational security measures to protect personal data from accidental or illegal destruction, forfeiture or deterioration, and against the knowledge, misuse or otherwise of unauthorized persons in violation of the general data regulation.
All our electronic data is backed up daily, and we have protected ourselves by installing anti-virus software and firewalls, among other things.

8. Right of access to your personal data, possibility of deletion and right of appeal
You have the right to be informed what personal information HMK processes about you and what the basis for it is, as well as you have the right to have your personal information provided on a readable media. You also have the right to correct incorrect or misleading personal information registered about you with us. You also have the right to object to the processing of your personal data. You can contact HMK by writing to this e-mail address: In addition, you also have the opportunity to com-plain to Datatilsynet about the processing of your personal data. Contact information on the Danish Data Protection Agency is available on their website:

In relation to the consent you have given HMK in connection with your registration for the news service, you can always revoke this by email or by the unsubscribe link in the newsletters.

If you have any questions regarding our processing of your personal data, you are also very welcome to contact HMK at the above email address.