Defence solutions

Eagle IV front hoods

In 2006, the Danish Defence signed a contract with GDELS MOWAG for 90 pcs. EAGLE IV vehicles.

In the same year, GDELS MOWAG, HMK Bilcon and the Danish Enterprise and Construction Agency (DECA) signed an industrial cooperation agreement (ICC) on continued production of front hoods and cargo modules for the EAGLE IVs. After the delivery of the first 90 front hoods to the Danish Defence, HMK Bilcon has delivered front hoods to the German Defence.

The choice fell on us because we met GDELS ‘requirements for quality, flexibility, and timely delivery, says Peter S. Andersen. The front hoods are of extremely high quality, so the Eagle IV vehicles still have the front hoods fitted today. We are responsible for maintaining the front hoods when they come in with damages or bullet holes from the field.