Ny stor ordre fra Skanol

30 Nov, 2017

A new large order from Skanol

After a fantastic 2017 we have received a new large order, which extends far into 2018.

The Swedish oil company Preem has signed new transport agreements for the distribution of gasoline, diesel and heating oil in Sweden with Skanol A/S. Skanol has chosen HMK Bilcon as the supplier to build a larger amount of new fuel tankers. Through 2017, HMK Bilcon has developed a new type of tanker that is optimal for the operations in Sweden while complying with the latest legislation. HMK Bilcon was in competition with a number of suppliers and won the order due to the most innovative and efficient product.

The order marks a new milestone for HMK Bilcon 2017 A/S, which through ongoing deliveries in both 2017 and now throughout 2018, generally succeeds in optimizing and balancing production, complying with delivery dates and ensuring stable earnings in the now significantly more modern high-quality business. Behind the new company is a solid group of owners, and there is a solid financial basis for running the company in the future.

“We have been working hard in the new company, and this latest order is the fruit of the hard work,” says CEO Peter Jensby.