HMK Bilcon was founded in 1895 and manufactures a wide range of tanker solutions for the supply of oil and gasoline, defense solutions to the military, mobile solutions for the healthcare sector, feedstuff solutions and solutions for disease-free animal transport. All our solutions are tailored to our customers' wishes, which enables us to cover virtually every need.

The beginning

In 1895, Søren Jensen starts a blacksmith’s shop in Hjørring, Denmark. The shop specialises in the production of carriages.

The age of carriages ends

In 1950, as the age of the horse-draw carriage is ending, the company starts building car body frames

HMK Bilcon

Additionally, the company initiates production of fuel and gas transport solutions in Randers, Denmark. HMK Bilcon is born.

HMK Industri

The Søren Jensen’s black smith shop changes its name to HMK Industri and begins constructing truck bodies, reefer boxes, tank vehicles, removal and transport boxes and many other specialised units.

Aluminum tanks

HMK Bilcon starts designing and developing aluminium tanks.

The familiy takes over

Jørgen Jensen, the son of the company’s founder, passes away, and his family takes control of the company group

The company is sold

The Jensen brothers sell the company group to a small group of employeesand outside investors.

ISO 9001

HMK Industri is granted ISO 9001 certification.

The merger

HMK Bilcon merges with HMK Industri.

One headquarter

The two departments – Industri and Bilcon – are merged as one, with headquarters in Aalborg, Denmark.

New owners

HMK Bilcon is being acquired by the present owners, and the company’s legal name changes to HMK Bilcon 2017 A/S.

HMK Bilcon A/S

On February 7, HMK Bilcon 2017 A/S acquires the rights to the name HMK Bilcon A/S after the old bankruptcy estate has finally been completed.

ISO 14001

HMK Bilcon A/S achieves the environmental certification ISO 14001

DIN 2303 Q2 BK1

HMK Bilcon A/S achieve DIN 2303 Q2 BK1 certification and are now allowed to weld in all types of metal

First welding robot

Our first welding robot Kuka KR10 R1420 from DanRobotics is installed.