31 Aug, 2022

Great success with SafeCon® III

Since the launch of HMK Bilcon’s newly developed IT management system SafeCon® III, we have now collectively sold more than fifty systems in Denmark and Norway. The customers have welcomed the new system, where quick and safe operation of the fuel tanker has been our main focus. It has also been important that customers can get support 24 hours a day, which is not an option with the current older systems.

First plug n’ play kit delivered
In addition to installing SafeCon® III on self-produced fuel tankers, we have delivered the first plug n’ play kits to a large German customer. They have installed the SafeCon® III solution on their first fuel tankers and see a great future for fuel delivery control systems for their home market. Therefore, we are also working on a German version, expected to launch in 2023.

In 2022, we have also entered a new and exciting collaboration with DCC Energi A/S and TouchStar Technologies Ltd. TouchStar offer OTBC and office solutions, while HMK Bilcon A/S supplies the newest fuel delivery control system. The first tanker controls have been delivered to carriers under DCC Energi A/S. Read more about the collaboration here.

New SafeCon® III features
Our software department continuously develops new functions for SafeCon® III, where we optimize functionality and user-friendliness for the tanker drivers. The latest software version is available for all devices where one of our three subscription solutions is chosen, and online connection and support are included.

SafeCon® III app
When you order SafeCon® III for your fuel tanker, it is now possible to choose between our remote-control solution and our smartphone app. If you choose our SafeCon® III app, you get a simpler and more intuitive solution for operating the tanker. With the app you can:

• use the existing button functions such as start/stop, pressure, coiling of hose
• display delivered volume, product, flow, preset and selected compartment
• operate the light on the tanker

The app will be continuously expanded with new functions, which will be available when updating the software.

SafeCon® III on the trailer
It is now also possible to automatically connect a fuel trailer to the fuel tanker in SafeCon® III to manage the compartments and display the inventory accounting on the trailer.

Meter approval for SafeCon® III
We have also extended our MID meter approval with SafeCon® III, which means that it will now be cheaper to upgrade existing fuel tankers from SafeCon® I to SafeCon® III. This naturally requires that the existing system meets the MID requirements or is updated to the latest requirements.