31 Aug, 2018

Framework agreement signed

August 28, HMK Bilcon 2017 A/S and the Danish Ministry of Defence Aquisition and Logistics Organisation (FMI) in Ballerup signed a 4-year framework agreement on servicing their ADR approved tank and pumping systems. The agreement includes inspection, repairs and modifications of container-based tankers, off-road fuel trucks, trailers and refuelers.

“We have chosen to enter into the contract with HMK Bilcon, as they have fulfilled all the terms and conditions and at the same time made the most advantageous offer”, says the head of the Land Division of the Danish Ministry of Defense, Col. Christian Brejner Ishøj.

HMK Bilcon has built equipment for the Danish Defence over the last 30 years and has been servicing ADR-approved tank and pump systems since 2005.

“We are very pleased to continue the good cooperation with the Danish Defence, which we have been servicing for many years. We take pride in making high quality products and solutions for the Danish Defence, which we know can be used by Danish soldiers in Denmark and around the world, “says Peter Jensby, Managing Director. “We have increased our investments in developing new products and have, among other things, over the last six months, cooperated with FMI on the development and implementation of card reader systems in their container solutions, “concludes Peter Jensby.

HMK Bilcon 2017 A/S has ISO certifications in latest versions, and the company has just been awarded the Labor Inspectorate’s Green Smiley for the first time.