Fuel tank solutions

Berg Transport AS

With 907,000 km on the road, the old gas tanker has done well for Berg Transport in Northern Norway. It was time to transfer the tank to a new chassis and at the same time have the tank on the hanger refurbished. The choice fell on HMK Bilcon because of many years of good cooperation.

Berg Transport AS was founded in 1998 with origins in the company A. Berg and Sønner, founded by Asbjørn Berg in 1959. They have a long history of transporting products in Northern Norway, and today they transport oil for Circle K and gas for Flogas in the 3 northern regions of Norway and they also sell lubricating oils and chemical products.

A natural choice

We have purchased 90% of our fuel tankers at HMK Bilcon, so it was natural that they made the transfer of the gas tank to a new chassis. The old gas tanker has driven 907,000 km and it was time to move the tank and refurbish the hanger to continue to supply gas to our customers says Raimon Andersen, Fleet Manager at Berg Transport AS.

The gas tank has been transferred to a new Scania R650 chassis. Reinforcements and adaptations on the chassis have been made, new side protection has been mounted, a new draw beam and traction-coupling have been mounted and adaptations to new hydraulic pumps have been made as well. Tank, chassis and tank hanger have been painted.

Several improvements on the hanger have been made, among other things replacement of hydraulic hoses and mounting of new LED work lights, new wings and mud flaps, new reflectors and new rear camera.

Finally, both tanks have been tested according to current rules before delivery.

An exciting project

The transfer has been an exciting project for us. We are used to transferring tanks to new chassis, but it has usually been transfers of fuel tanks. Before the year 2000, we produced pressure tanks for transport of liquid gases, and as some employees from back then are still employed here we have the know-how and experience, so we did not hesitate to offer this job to one of our long-standing customers, Berg Transport AS, says Chief Sales Officer Torben Bæk.

A good chemistry

We have had a good cooperation and good chemistry with the people at HMK Bilcon for many years, so for us it is a good place to get our tasks solved,” concludes Raimon Andersen.