13 Jan, 2021

SafeCon® III and SafeCon OTC

We have launched our new fuel delivery control system for fuel tankers – SafeCon® III – and are now releasing our brand new office integration system – SafeCon ® OTC system.

SafeCon® III
SafeCon® III is our latest generation of fuel delivery control systems with a lot of new and improved features. The user interface is optimised on a new robust 12″ touch screen, where it is easy and fast for the driver to perform the daily tasks of delivering oil and petrol. With SafeCon® III, the driver has a great overview of hoses, compartments and the products to be delivered.

SafeCon® OTC system
With the SafeCon® OTC system the workday is made even easier for both the driver and the office. The integration between the fuel tanker and the office makes it possible to send the orders directly to the fuel tanker where the driver can sort and plan his daily deliveries better. When the order has been delivered the order data is sent back to the office which subsequently makes the invoicing. It provides less paperwork for both driver and office, which ultimately saves the company long-term costs.

SafeCon ® online support
Both SafeCon® III and SafeCon® OTC can be supported online from our IT department and we have created 3 different support packages where you can choose the one that suits your needs. If you want to have support available 24 hours a day to avoid any breakdowns, we are the only ones in the industry to offer this service. It saves you time, money and hassle.

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