26 Mar, 2018

The success continues

We have completed the first fiscal year with a satisfactory result of DKK 4.7 million after taxes in 2017. All employees have made a huge effort to make things happen and we continue the hard work in 2018.

Today we employ 80 employees and have full order books, the financial results are good, and the factory has been modernized. The company is well in the process of expanding the product range to new areas and is also starting collaboration with other companies in 2018. We do not manufacture anything in stainless steel or black steel today because you can not mix the different metals in the same building. “We produce aluminum products but our customers demand stainless steel and black steel products, so we want to expand our product range through partnerships” says CEO Peter Jensby. “We think about streamlining workflows and using robots, so we’re looking for partners who think optimization like us. We have succeeded in streamlining the existing production and we want to continue the process with several business partners in the future.”

New corporate culture has given good results

We have worked very hard to upgrade the company and change its culture. The factory and machinery have undergone a large renovation and we have invested in new welding machines, fixture tables, new tractors and sweepers. The business culture has changed since the recruitment of both formerly skilled employees and new employees after bankruptcy, thus contributing to a positive change in attitude among the employees. All employees have attended LEAN courses and have gained valuable insights in optimizing production processes. This is one of the reasons why we have been able to streamline the production and change the attitude of the employees in the company.

The competition in the market is tough and we are known for delivering a slightly better quality than our competitors. Our products last twice as long as others and therefore we are pleased with our many loyal customers who appreciate the quality of our products. Our order books for 2018 are almost filled and we have begun taking orders for 2019.