23 Nov, 2021

Third feed tanker for DLG

We are producing 12 new feed tankers and trailers for DLG and we have just delivered the third feed tanker in a row consisting of a feed tanker carrying 27 m³ and a feed trailer carrying 42 m³.

Together both vehicles can carry 69m³ and the weight of the tank and trailer has been reduced by approx. 800 kg in order for DLG to be able to transport more feed and grain on each trip.

The tank on the feed tanker is built on a Scania R500 chassis. There are 4 compartments in 1 pressure chamber on the feed tanker and 6 compartments in 2 on the trailer. Stairs are fitted in the driver’s side on both the tanker and the trailer. It provides easy access to the tank top, where there is a walkway in non-slip material and a safety railing.

We are building different feed tankers for DLG as they must be used for slightly different tasks. So on some of the tankers only a blowing system is fitted, but others of the feed tankers are built with both suction and blowing system.

The feed tanker and trailer has been optimized on a large number of parameters such as compartment allocation, volume, piping systems, tank construction and nozzles. In addition, it can be unloaded both from the front and from the back.

Throughout the construction process, there has been a large focus on low weight, high volume, easy cleaning, fast operation and high safety.

Read more about the feed tanker solution here.