26 Jan, 2021

Eliassons Åkeri orders 4 new fuel tankers

Eliassons Åkeri I Kristianstad AB chooses HMK Bilcon A/S as supplier for new fuel tankers

On 13 January 2021, HMK Bilcon A/S has entered into an agreement with Eliassons Åkeri in Kristianstad AB for the delivery of 4 complete fuel tankers consisting of a 3-axle tanker of 21m³ with a 4-axle trailer of 45m³. The 4 fuel tankers will be delivered in 2021 and will all be fitted with Bartec dipstick measuring systems.

Eliasson’s Åkeri took over part of the service for Preem in 2020 and has taken over 6 fuel tankers from Skanol AB, which were built by HMK Bilcon back in 2018 with similar Bartec equipment. The new tankers from HMK Bilcon, however, are adapted in the design at the request of Eliasson’s Åkeri.

“We look forward to delivering more tankers of the highest quality to the Swedish market,” says Key Account Manager Jesper Falkenløve, who represents HMK Bilcon in the Swedish market for Oil/Gas and liquid tankers.

Eliasson’s Åkeri is a well-established Swedish transport company with 70 employees. The company has been engaged in tank transport since the 1950s and runs a modern transport company with focus on both the environment, digitalisation and optimized transport units. The head office is located in Kristianstad in southern Sweden and from here fuel, chemicals and bitumen are supplied in large parts of Sweden. In addition, they also perform a number of special tasks in Norway, Denmark, England and Germany.

HMK Bilcon A/S was founded back in 1895 and today produces tankers for transporting oil and gas as well as expandable semi-trailers, which are used for events, trade fairs and mobile clinics. The company is one of the few European builders that have an ISO 9001, 3834-2 and 14001-certification. Great emphasis is placed on high quality, great professionalism and long durability of the products. In 2020, HMK Bilcon became a dealer of stainless-steel tankers from Spanish Parcisa, thus it is now also possible to buy both tankers and semi-trailers for transport of ADR chemicals, bitumen, foodstuffs, waste products and fish waste.

“We look forward to a good and long-term collaboration with Eliasson’s Åkeri”, says Sales Manager Torben Ravnholt.

“Since the first contact with HMK Bilcon A/S, we have experienced that they maintain a high level of quality and service, which we greatly appreciate. We are now looking forward to a good and long-term collaboration together “, says Tommie Eliasson, Chief Financial Officer at Eliasson’s Åkeri in Kristianstad AB.