4 Jan, 2019

Focus on sustainability

We have participated in the project “Sustainable growth through energy and resource efficiency improvement in small and medium-sized enterprises” through the Network for Sustainable Business Development North Denmark. We joined this project to get competent discussions and feedback in order to move our company in a greener direction and learn more about sustainability.

Working environment conditions and sustainability have great focus for us, and it is very important for us to think about sustainability in the development of the business. We have a goal that our Lean process will become Green Lean, ie a link between environmental management and Lean.

Today, we produce the lightest tanks in the market and they are of very high quality with a lifetime of 30-40 years. A truck can therefore transport a larger amount of raw materials at a time, and thus the number of transports can be reduced. It reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. But we must become even better at energy optimizing internally within the company as well. We need to improve our resource optimization, as there are plenty of improvements that can be implemented.

The project will provide better training for the organization in relation to finding sustainable solutions, and we are already well underway. We have, among other things, replaced our compressor and gone from oil to gas heating of our paint booths.