17 Apr, 2021

Max Hunt visits HMK Bilcon

We have had Max Hunt from Mojn Trucker visit us as he looks at products that make life easier for truckdrivers. Therefore, he has taken a closer look at HMK Bilcon’s new city trailer, which with VSE control is much easier to get around in tight spaces than other fuel tankers.

Max Hunt has talked to sales manager Torben Bæk Ravnholt about the benefits of the new city trailer, and subsequently the city trailer has been tested in the real world.

The city trailer was tested on a local farm where the road is narrow. The driveway to the farm’s oil tank is also difficult to drive to with a regular fuel tanker. Subsequently, a small test track was set up to make it possible to test the city trailer’s driving characteristics.

Watch what came out of the visit from Max Hunt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5FtGgSmnb4&t=320s