Mobil restaurant

22 Aug, 2019

Mobile restaurant for Rema 1000

HMK Bilcon has delivered a specially designed mobile restaurant to Rema 1000 in Norway. The structure of the trailer is identical with the HMK Bilcon Multispace XL trailer, but one side can be opened with an extension module and a top extension module.

Premiere during the Norway Cup

Rema 1000 is the general sponsor of the Norway Cup in Oslo, the world’s leading football championship for young people. The mobile restaurant opened early August during this major sports event, which welcomed 1,740 football teams, 30,000 participants and 80,000 visitors. The participants could buy a meal at the restaurant for less than NOK 100.00; the restaurant served freshly made burgers, pizza and stews as well as beverages, coffee and ice cream.

Design and layout of the restaurant

The design of the restaurant is based on the HMK Multispace XL trailer with an extension module on the right side and a top module. The roof over the lower extension module is made with a large roof terrace with railing to allow optimal use of all square metres. The trailer has a total floor space of 110m². The chassis of the trailer is made of 55mm fibreglass-armoured polyester panels on both the inside and the outside. Between the panels, injected polyurethane foam ensures optimal strength and insulation.

Unlike the standard Multispace XL trailer, this trailer has been adapted with e.g. an extra extension module at the end of the trailer, which can be used as a cold store that allows storage of large amounts of food during major events. The extension module on the right side is made with both top and base flaps. The top flap provides a roof over the base platform, which provides extra floor space. Food can be served from a proscenium with relocatable glass sections – so, the room can be entirely or partly open. Further, stairs leading up to the restaurant and wheelchair ramps have been mounted on each side.  Advertising films can be shown during events on large 2.5×2.5m LED monitors mounted on each side of the trailer.

Inside, the restaurant is equipped with a fully operational industrial kitchen made of stainless steel, including kitchen tables, sinks with fixtures and a wash-down facility, three ovens, movable refrigerators, dishwasher, cooker hood and six movable heat lamps and sideboards. Food for VIP guests on the first floor can be transported in a specially designed food lift.

Read about the project here and see how the mobile restaurant is set up.