28 Jun, 2021

New regulations for underrun protection

In order to increase safety in the event of a collision, new regulations came into force on 1 September 2019 regarding underrun protection (UNECE R58 Rev. 3 – R58.03) for new type-approved vehicles. From 1 September 2021, the regulations also apply to all newly registered vehicles.

Tankers and trailers which are not type-approved and which must be registered September 1, must be fitted with underrun protection that meet the new regulations.
Should you be unlucky enough to have an underrun protection damaged on a vehicle registered before 1 September 2021, this must be replaced with a similar one in accordance with the regulations in UNECE R58.02 – ie those that apply before 1 September 2021.
We have underrun protections in stock for replacement, which comply with both “the old regulations” and “the new regulations”.

If you have constructions in order for delivery after 1 September where you are responsible for delivering underrun protection you must be aware that they must comply with the requirements of the new regulations.