Mobile solutions - Expandable trailer

Mobile emergency clinic a great success

HMK Bilcon has made two mobile trailers for the Capital Region of Denmark’s Emergency Medical Services. The mobile trailers are used to solve various healthcare tasks in the region and can be used in particularly acute situations and at major events. As a pilot project, one trailer has been used as an emergency clinic at Rådhuspladsen in Copenhagen at Christmas 2021. The project has been a collaboration between the Capital Region of Denmark´s Emergency Medical Services, the City of Copenhagen, and the Copenhagen Police.

This is the first time the trailer has been used during the Christmas month, when intoxicated citizens put extra pressure on the emergency services. Therefore, the management of the emergency medical services has agreed to put the trailer into operation during the Christmas month to relieve 112, 1813 and the emergency room at the hospital, which are very busy.

The emergency clinic was used from kl. 22.00-05.00 Friday and Saturday in the three largest Christmas party weekends. There have been several hundred people through the clinic on the three weekends. The citizens have welcomed the initiative and the clinic has worked well. It has saved many calls to 112 and 1813, which at Christmas are pressured by intoxicated people, who often contact the emergency services several times during the evening.

The mobile clinic
The truck that pulls the mobile clinic is a Mercedes-Benz Actros 2543 LS Pusher with 480 HP. The trailer is an HMK Expandable XL with two extensions – one on each side – as well as a first floor, which can be extended. There is plenty of space in the trailer with a large bright room of 110 m², and up to 40 patients can be treated in the clinic. The entrance at the back of the trailer makes it easy to get into the clinic. Inside the clinic, a screen has been made, to ensure that the healthcare personnel can step aside during breaks.

The clinic is easy to set up by one person and it takes approx. 20 min. The trailer is set up with a remote control, which levels and extends the expandable parts. In addition, water and electricity have been established which makes the trailer function as a normal room in a hospital. Outside the emergency clinic, fences have been put up to lead the citizens in the right direction.

The emergency clinic is equipped with the same equipment as an ambulance, and the conditions to help injured citizens are good. It is of course different than in a regular emergency room, and the clinic is smaller compared to what you are used to. But compared to many other emergency situations where only small tents are available, it works very well. Air conditioning is installed in the trailer, and there are no problems with maintaining a stable and comfortable temperature, which provides a good indoor climate in the clinic.

The clinic has lived up to expectations

The users have welcomed the initiative, which was also to be expected, as we have been able to help most patients on site. The purpose of the clinic to relieve 112, 1813 as well as the ambulance ride was achieved as many calls and recalls from intoxicated citizens were avoided. It has certainly also taken some of the pressure off the ambulances, says Anders Damm-Hjermind, Medical Director of the Emergency Medical Services in the Capital Region.

Future tasks
In addition to its use as an emergency clinic, it has previously been used at Hillerød hospital, as an emergency room during renovation. In addition, it can come into play at major events with many people such as the Copenhagen Marathon, Tour de France, Distortion, etc.