Mobile solutions- Expandable trailers

Large blood donor unit for Helse Stavanger

The construction of a 56m² mobile blood donor unit for Helse Stavanger has been completed, and the blood donor unit is planned to be in operation in autumn 2022. The mobile unit will be as good as a blood donor room inside the hospital and will be able to offer the same good conditions for both blood donors and employees.

The blood bank comes to the blood donor
Helse Stavanger wanted to move the collection of blood out to a new mobile blood trailer that can drive around to fixed stops in Rogaland. The mobile unit provides greater flexibility for the blood donor, which can save travel time to the hospital. It is a good argument for retaining and attracting new blood donors.

The blood donor unit is built in Denmark by HMK Bilcon, which has many years of experience in building many different mobile trailers for the healthcare sector and for use at large events such as e.g. Norway Cup.

No compromises
The mobile collection unit will have a larger working area than the more common blood buses, and this was one of the requirements for the construction of the new collection unit. The unit is 56m² with two expandable parts that provide plenty of space for five tap benches, interview room, staff room/kitchenette, toilet and wardrobe. The interior of the trailer has been carried out in close collaboration between Helse Stavanger and HMK Bilcon, and is exactly the way the hospital wanted it.

The advantages of a mobile tapping unit are many, and you do not compromise on either quality requirements, the working environment or productivity. The trailer is very easy to maneuver and can be set up anywhere a normal truck can go. It takes one person just 20 minutes to set up the trailer. The trailer feels spacious and is equipped with heating and air conditioning to be able to offer both blood donors and staff a good indoor environment.

In addition to greater flexibility in use, the new mobile blood unit will act as a “rolling advertisement” and give the blood bank greater attention and visibility.

About HMK Bilcon
With 125 years under its belt, HMK Bilcon has extensive experience in building functional and durable solutions and is known for making products of the highest quality with a long lifespan. The company produces its own constructions and has a strong focus on a close and honest dialogue with customers. In addition to mobile blood trailer units, HMK Bilcon makes many different mobile trailers for the healthcare system, such as mobile clinics for COVID-19 testing, mobile hospitals, as well as mammography and X-ray trailers. In addition to building mobile trailers, HMK Bilcon also produces and supplies the world’s best aluminum tankers to the Scandinavian market.

Over the past three years, HMK Bilcon has made many changes in the company with a focus on green solutions in production, and was ISO 14001-certified 2020. Today, HMK Bilcon also works to develop green solutions for the transport sector. For example, it is now possible to mount solar panels on the mobile trailers to produce electricity for the trailer.

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