Mobile solutions - Healthcare

Central Denmark Region

Mobile Blood – Annie’s project of heart. The story of the mobile blood donor unit started in 2004, when the regional hospital in Viborg, Denmark realised that a local stationary blood centre was about to close. To boost the amount of collected blood, the hospital drew up specifications for a mobile blood unit.

The best solution for our needs

Area manager Annie R. Nielsen explains: Everyone at the blood centre was convinced that to get more blood, the collection solution had to go to donors – not the other way round. HMK Bilcon won the contract because they had the best solution to fit our needs. We worked closely with them during the design phase, choosing the interior layout and equipment. So the final mobile solution met our needs exactly.

The choice was an HMK Bilcon Expandable M trailer with two expandable sides that increase the trailer’s inside width to 6.25 metres. This made room for seven blood collection seats, two interview rooms, a toilet, and a separate staff room. Having a good, spacious working environment has been as important to the nurses who staff the mobile blood bank as it has been to the donors, Ms Nielsen says, explaining that no one wants to feel trapped inside a box.

How has the solution worked out?

All in all, both donors and staff are extremely satisfied with the mobile blood bank. And we met our goal of recruiting more donors. The mobile unit has worked without any problems and it now serves as a visible ambassador for the blood banks throughout central and western Jutland, Ms Nielsen concludes.