Mobile solutions - Expandable trailers

Transportens Udviklingsfond

After visiting more than 40,000 students from over 600 schools, Transportens Udvilingsfond has got a brand new roadshow trailer. For the next 4 years, it will visit primary, secondary and vocational schools to recruit young people for the warehouse and transport industry.

Transportens Udviklingsfond is owned by the employers’ union ATL and the trade union 3F. The fund aims to ensure that more qualified drivers and warehouse workers are educated in the transport industry. The fund needed a new Roadshow trailer and chose HMK Bilcon as the supplier. The Roadshow trailer is designed as a mobile classroom, enabling students to gain a broad knowledge of the various educations such as freight driver, bus driver, crane driver or warehouse operator.

In the trailer, a truck simulator is set up so students can experience life as a driver. They can also try driving a crane and much more on the mounted screens inside the truck. Inside, the trailer is covered with felt on the walls and floor. Therefore, it is easy to clean and it is easy and quick to put up information about the different educations. There are fixed benches and cabinets for storage, so every detail is consideres to make the best possible solution.

Transport Fair 2019

The process of building the new trailer started at the Transport Fair in 2019, where the informal talk between Transportens Udvilkingsfond and HMK Bilcon started. The project was based on the old roadshow trailer, but with several improvements to the new trailer. In May/June 2019, an agreement was signed to build the new roadshow trailer for delivery in 2020.

A good project

We have always felt comfortable with both the design and construction of the trailer, but certainly also in terms of how HMK Bilcon manage both the production process and the relationship with us as customer. So we have been very satisfied, and we have also got a nice result out of it, says project manager Magnus Købke.