Fuel tank solutions - SafeCon®

Mollerup Mølle A/S

Mollerup Mølle is a Danish-owned family business that produces and delivers animal feed to the entire agricultural sector and among other things oil products and fertilizers. The company is based in Mors and serves customers from Holstebro/Randers to Skagen.

Mollerup Mølle is the first customer in Denmark to have both SafeCon® III and the SafeCon® OTC system installed on their newest fuel tanker. Therefore, they have had the opportunity to participate in the development process of SafeCon® OTC.

SafeCon® III is more advanced and have more features than SafeCon® I. I have received a really good introduction to SafeCon® III and I use all the features that I can. If I have questions, there is always help to get at the support deparment and I have been really happy about that.

The OTC system is running really well now and it has been exciting to be part of the development process and come up with ideas and see them implemented.

The best thing about SafeCon® III is the inventory accounts, where I can see the order on the screen itself. I can always follow the order I am in the process of delivering, says driver Gert Jensen.