24 Jun, 2022

Solar cells for containers

Efficient solution for battery maintenance

For many years we have produced stand-alone fuel containers for civilian and defense purposes. The fuel containers can be transported and set down where there is a need for a temporary fuel supply. The containers are fitted with batteries, which are used to start up the generator when fuel is to be dispensed.

For many of these stand-alone containers it has been a known problem that the batteries on the container become defective or flat when the container has not been used or maintained regularly.

We have developed a solar cell solution that can be used for maintenance of the batteries, and so far we have installed solar cell solutions on 30 of the defenses fuel containers. This ensures that there is always voltage and fully charged batteries when the containers are to be used.

The solar cell solutions are mounted on top of the containers with a lid which can be closed. This ensures that the solar cells are not damaged when the containers are transported from place to place.

The solar cell solutions can be used for other purposes such as:

  • Increased consumption for low-power solutions
  • Increased consumption for high-power solutions
  • Green energy

Contact sales manager Peter S. Andersen on phone no. +45 40 45 34 88 or e-mail for more information about installing solar cell solutions.