Kemotrailer Gødstrup

28 Oct, 2022

Chemo in a mobile clinic

In October, Gødstrup Hospital had an HMK Expandable trailer for testing as a mobile clinic for chemotherapy treatment of cancer patients in rural areas.

The mobile clinic was used for a workshop for hospital staff, patients, relatives, politicians and patient organisations, where the benefits of mobile chemotherapy have been reviewed.

When cancer patients in the rural areas have to get chemotherapy, there can be several hours of transport to the cancer department at the hospitals. For former cancer patient Helle Dyrvig, one of her major concerns, in addition to the cancer, was who could drive her to treatment, as she had to undergo treatment up to three times a week.

Helle Dyrvig has participated in the workshop in Gødstrup and has no doubt that a mobile offer will make a big difference for the patients who live in the rural areas.

When the patients are going through a difficult course of illness, Gødstrup Hospital wants to avoid that the patients have to drive back and forth to get the right treatment. With a mobile chemotherapy clinic, it will be possible to carry out the treatments locally or where the citizens live. It will help to reduce the difference between country and city, and it will be able to fulfill wishes from the political side to treat more patients more locally.

For many years, HMK Bilcon has built mobile clinics for the healthcare sector. The mobile blood donor clinics in particular have been very successful in collecting blood locally, rather than the blood donors having to drive far to donate blood to the healthcare system.

The latest mobile blood donor clinic has been delivered to Stavanger University Hospital, which will also use it to collect blood in the south-western part of Norway. Read more about the project here.

A mobile clinic can be used for a wide range of tasks in the healthcare system. In addition to chemotherapy and blood donation, it can also be used as a health clinic as well as for vaccination and MRI scanning. If you build several clinics together, they can function as a mobile hospital, which we have previously delivered to the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia.