Welding robot

12 Oct, 2022

First welding robot in place

As part of our continued digitization and automation strategy, this week we have had our first welding robot delivered and installed. The robot is a Kuka KR10 R1420 from DanRobotics A/S, which has 1.42 meters in reach to center with a handling capacity of 10 kg and a repeat accuracy of 0.04 mm.

Welding in different types of metals
Initially, the robot will only be used for aluminum welding, but eventually it will also be used for welding components in reinforced steel and high-strength steel. We have worked with standardization of components for a long period and have high expectations of what the robot can contribute with.

The robot is supplied with a programming box with touch screen and software for arc welding. In the long term, we can do offline programming of the robot making it possible to program externally and simply send a new program to the robot. In this way, production can continue without interruption.

Upskilling of employees
Due to the lack of skilled aluminum smiths, it is important that we can use the robot for the most trivial welding tasks, while our skilled smiths must weld the more complicated items that the robot cannot handle. Several of our blacksmiths will be trained to operate and program the robot to upskill them with knowledge of robotic welding.

Another robot in 2023
In 2023, we will install a significantly larger robot, which will be used for welding various large items in several different types of metal.