Fuel tanker solutions - SafeCon®

CHH Transport A/S

CHH Transport A/S is a Danish-owned transport company founded by Claus Hedegaard Hansen in 1997. The company has twenty-two employees, and they operate within oil transport, general cargo delivery, machine and special transport, transport of gravel and stone, container service, crane tasks etc. The drivers are very experienced, kept up to date with the necessary mandatory courses, and the vehicle fleet meets requirements for driving in environmental zones as well.

The head office is in Faaborg, and the company services customers in the entire region of Southern Denmark.

Two new fuel tankers
In 2022, CHH Transport A/S has bought two new fuel tankers from HMK Bilcon. The two fuel tankers are used for delivering fuel for DCC Energi. The 3-axle fuel tanker holds 20m³ in four compartments, while the 4-axle fuel tanker holds 26m³ in five compartments.

Both fuel tankers are equipped with SafeCon® III fuel delivery control system, which is connected to DCC Energi’s office system supplied by TouchStar. When fuel is delivered to a customer, the order is selected on the TouchStar screen in the cab. Delivery is then started on the SafeCon® III tablet outside on the fuel tanker or with the remote control when the driver has connected hoses and is ready for delivery.

A long-term collaboration

Owner and driver Claus Hedegaard Hansen is very satisfied with his collaboration with HMK Bilcon and says, I have had a good collaboration with HMK Bilcon for the past 23 years, when we have needed to refurbish and build a new fuel tanker. I have always been treated well and they are good at listening to my ideas, so it becomes a real collaboration. We have been happy with the dialogue over Teams. This has made the whole process more flexible and resulted in a faster dialogue with the builder.

From manual to digital operation with SafeCon® III
For driver Per Holm, working life has become significantly easier after he got a new fuel tanker. Per previously had a fuel tanker, where all operation was manual with handles. He has not been familiar with previous SafeCon® versions. For Per it is a completely new world to operate the fuel tanker digitally on the SafeCon® III control.

The SafeCon® III panel is simple and easy to operate. You can select more than one compartment before unloading and the fuel tanker will empty one compartment first and then continue with the next compartment. You can choose the rooms in advance, and then SafeCon® III does the rest, says Per Holm.

The remote control for using SafeCon® III is indispensable, especially when you have unrolled a long hose. You can start and stop dispensing with the remote control and reel in the hose when you are done. The fuel tanker’s engine only runs when fuel is dispensed. This saves fuel and is better for the environment, adds Per.

New control system makes working life easier
The fuel tankers have been tested for a short period of time, and we are fully satisfied, says Claus Hedegaard Hansen. “The new control system really makes working life easier for us, and it is easy to operate once you get to know it. We have received very good instructions from HMK Bilcon, and delivery has generally become smarter and faster, Claus concludes.